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2 Self-evident Truths:


You are paying too much income tax! A solid tax strategy saves you taxes every year over your lifetime, not just this year. Your tax saving strategy must be in alignment with your long-term goals to help you achieve all you want in life…faster…without Uncle Sam taking his unfair share. If you are using the same planning you used last year, maybe it’s time for a second opinion.


You need candid answers to your business questions! Who (besides maybe yourself) is asking you the tough questions that launch your business to the next level? We have all heard that we need to get out of our business to work on our business. Having someone on the outside looking in, asking tough questions, and providing candid answers to your questions is what you must have to reach your business goals. If you don’t have this someone…maybe you should!


CPA & Small Business Advisor

Taxes erode 25%-50% of your income each year! You want someone on your side to implement tax saving strategies that accomplish your financial goals faster. We will design and implement your strategies and handle all of your tax preparation needs.


Tailored To Your Needs

You want someone to give you straight answers from the trenches to propel your business to the next level. I am a business owner, just like you are. And, I have worked with over 1,000 businesses over the years. I have seen and experienced what works and what doesn’t so you save time, energy, and money moving forward.


Entrust Your Legacy to a CPA

For the fraction of the cost of a Single Family Office, I'll provide quality tax, investment, retirement, and small business consultation to guarantee your legacy for the next generations to come.

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